English novelist A.N. Wilson is the latest writer to be captivated by Captain James Cook’s incredible voyages in the Pacific. His vivid new novel is titled Resolution: A Novel of Captain Cook's Adventures of Discovery to Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii, Through the Eyes of George Forster, the Botanist on Board His Ship. Join A.N. Wilson for a salty discussion with Nicole Abadee about this richly evoked novel. It describes extraordinary events by brilliantly drawing together a remarkable cast of characters to explore the notions of human endeavour, ingenuity and valour. 

A.N. Wilson (International)

A.N.WilsonÕs most recent book is Resolution, an historical novel based on the life of George Forster, the German boy who sailed with Captain Cook on his second momentous voyage. Andrew has combined a career of writing fiction and non-fiction. Over twenty novels, which include social comedies, satires and historical fiction have alternated with biographies and histories, including the three-part The Victorians; After the Victorians andÊOur Times. In young manhood, he used to teach medieval literature at Oxford, and a fairly recent title is Dante in Love, a study of the great Italian poet. He has also written biographies of Tolstoy, for which he won the Whitbread Prize, and more recently Queen Victoria.

Nicole Abadee (Australian)

Nicole Abadee

Nicole Abadee is the books writer for The Australian Financial Review Magazine and she also writes about books from time to time for Good Weekend and Australian Book Review. She appears regularly as a facilitator at writers' festivals and is also a literary consultant, helping writers to get published