Unlike desk-bound novelists living in their own minds, foreign correspondents live an international life of adventure, mystery and glamour. Right? Four foreign correspondents spill the beans on what it’s really like breaking big stories abroad, sharing anecdotes and lessons from the road. Caroline Brothers (reporter and author of The Memory Stones), George Gittoes (artist and ‘eyewitness in the world’s contact zones’) and Rob Schmitz (Shanghai Correspondent for NPR) talk with ABC Radio’s Eleanor Hall.

Mark Colvin will no longer be appearing at this event. 

Caroline Brothers (Australian)

Caroline Brothers is a novelist, historian and foreign correspondent who has worked in Europe and Latin America. She has contributed to Meanjin and The Sydney Morning Herald, as well as The New York Times and The Guardian. She has also been a reporter and an editor at the International New York Times in Paris. Caroline is the author of War and Photography, and the novel Hinterland, which won a McKitterick award and has been translated into German, Italian, Dutch and Czech. Her new novel, The Memory Stones, tells the story of The Disappeared following ArgentinaÕs 1976 coup.