What started out as a book club morphed into a collaborative writing effort that has produced two successful novels. Under the collective pseudonym ‘Alice Campion’, friends Jane Richards, Denise Tart, Jane St Vincent Welch and Jenny Crocker have crafted two compelling tales of family secrets, The Painted Sky (co-authored with Maddy Oliver) and The Shifting Light. While writers frequently collaborate on projects for television and the cinema, the group novel is rare. Hear these writers reflect on their unique writing process, with Suzanne Leal.

Jenny Crocker (Australian)

Jenny Crocker is one quarter of the composite author Alice Campion. She is a communications manager specialising in behaviour change campaigns for Government and NGOs. She has written non-fiction books and (an aeon ago) comedy for TV and radio and a play, Hellfire, produced on the London Fringe.

Denise Tart (Australian)

Denise Tart is a civil celebrant with a background in theatre and event management. She wrote collectively for community and pub theatre through her twenties and performed comedy bus tours in Sydney. Denise owned and ran a leading conference management business for some years, before becoming a celebrant. She continues to write unique and personal ceremonies.

Jane St Vincent Welch (Australian)

After completing a Fine Arts degree and teaching diploma at Sydney University, Jane St Vincent Welch thought she'd be an art teacher. Instead, for the past 25 years she has worked as a freelance documentary editor, specialising in social documentary. Her work has received many awards and screened in Australia and internationally. The films cover a wide range of topics and styles, but finding the best way to tell the story is her central focus.