One hundred and fifty years after Henry Lawson’s birth, we are still captivated by his most famous work, The Drover’s Wife. A panel of bush bard experts tallk to Nicole Abadee about Lawson’s influence and their own retellings of the story. In Frank Moorhouse’ own version of The Drover’s Wife his academic persona uncovers the shameful truth of the  ‘real’ drover’s wife. Ryan O’Neill is working on retelling the story in 99 ways, and Kerrie Davies’ A Wife’s Heart is written from the perspective of Lawson’s wife Bertha. 

Nicole Abadee (Australian)


Nicole Abadee is the books writer for the Australian Financial Review Magazine, out on the last Friday of every month. She also runs her own literary consultancy, helping writers to polish their manuscripts prior to publication. Before that she was a senior editor at Penguin Random House.