Why has the word ‘immigrant’ become such a slur in the US? When did Australia roll up the welcome mat for refugees? Our panel gets to grips with changing community attitudes around the world. Data Editor of The Guardian US, Mona Chalabi, author Roanna Gonsalves, Palestinian-born Australian playwright Samah Sabawi and Boston-born Canadian playwright Stephen Orlov join Claudia Tazreiter for a frank and fearless conversation on the political and personal consequences of border control policies. 

Mona Chalabi (International)

Mona Chalabi is a data journalist. She is the data editor of The Guardian US and a columnist at New York Magazine. As well as co-producing a four-part documentary series about vaginas, Mona has written for TV shows on National Geographic, the BBC and VICE. In 2016, MonaÕs data sketches were commended by the Royal Statistical Society. The drawings, which are designed to make numbers more relatable, can be viewed on her Instagram account. Before getting into journalism, Mona worked in the nonprofit sector, first at the Bank of England, then Transparency International and the International Organization for Migration.

Claudia Tazreiter (Australian)

Claudia Tazreiter is associate professor of sociology at UNSW, Sydney and an associate of the Australian Human Rights Centre. Her research focuses on the social and affective impacts of forced and irregular migration, on human rights culture, the role of civil society in social change and gender in migration. She is the author of numerous books and more than 60 journal articles and book chapters, and is the managing editor of The Australian Journal of Human Rights. Claudia has had visiting appointments at the Center for Place, Culture and Politics, City University New Work CUNY and the Centre for International Studies (CERI) Science Po, and is a fellow at the Institute for Migration and Intercultural Studies.