Globally, a language is lost every two weeks, and the Australian Human Rights Commission says more than 90 per cent of Australia’s Indigenous languages are critically endangered. ‘The disappearance of a language deprives us of knowledge no less valuable than some future miracle drug that may be lost when a species goes extinct,’ says journalist Russ Rymer (National Geographic). Nick Enfield talks with Russ, host of ABC RN’s Awaye! Daniel Browning and Durag language teacher Joel Davison, about dying languages.

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Daniel Browning (Australian)

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Daniel Browning is an ABC journalist and radio broadcaster, and is from the Bundjalung and Kullilli peoples of northern New South Wales and south-western Queensland. A trained artist and freelance arts writer, Daniel produces and presents RN’s Indigenous art and culture program, Awaye! and has guest-edited the contemporary arts journal Artlink.