Aged five, Saroo Brierley got lost on a train in India and couldn’t find his way home. After wandering the streets of Kolkata, he was taken to an orphanage and finally adopted by an Australian couple. As a young man, he used Google Earth to pore over satellite images, looking for familiar landmarks. After years of searching, he found what he was looking for. His story, A Long Way Home, is now the award-winning film Lion. In a very special event, Saroo and his mother Sue Brierley talk to Janice Petersen. 

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Saroo Brierley (Australian)

Saroo Brierley was born in an Indian town called Khandwa. In 1986, aged only 5, he lost all contact with his family when he was at a train station waiting for his brother, who never returned. After living on the streets of Calcutta for 3 weeks by himself, he was placed in a local orphanage where an Australian family from Hobart adopted Saroo. After years trying to track down his old town through the labyrinth of railways lines on Google Earth and an image etched into his brain as a 5 year old, he finally found his town Khandwa on the map and travelled to India to try and find members of his family. In early 2012, after 25 years of separation, he finally reunited with his mother. His book A Long Way Home tells his story. The film adaption of Saroo's book is Lion. Starring Dev Patel as Saroo and Nicole Kidman and his adoptive mother Sue, it was released in 2016 and has been a global success.

Sue Brierley (Australian)

Sue Brierley isÊthe mother of Saroo Brierley, whose incredible journey to find his birth family is told in his book A Long Way Home and the Oscar-nominated film, Lion. Sue is the mother of two adopted children, both of whom were born in India. ÊSue has had a life-long commitment to adoption, particularly from overseas countries. ÊShe has travelled extensively over theÊlast year with Saroo to promote his book, and will soon commence writing her own story. She alsoÊworks closely with her husband John in their family business in Hobart, Tasmania.