Michael Traill’s candid memoir Jumping Ship takes readers from ‘the millionaire’s factory’ of corporate Australia to the heart of social investment. Traill was an ambitious small-town kid, who made a successful career at the Macquarie Bank, until he decided to jump ship and turn his efforts to addressing social disadvantage and reshaping the Australian non-profit landscape. Michael Lynch talks to Michael Traill about his work, social justice and writing his critically-acclaimed memoir.

In partnership with Philanthropy Australia and Sydney Community Foundation. Supported by Macquarie University.

Michael Traill (Australian)

InÊJumping ShipÊMichael Traill tells the candid and inspiring story of the journey that took him from a modest small town in Morwell to a successful career at the millionaireÕs factory of Macquarie Bank and then on to founding a unique Australian non-profit success story. In the process he shares for the first time how a group of financial high-fliers found a way to buy out the bankrupted ABC Childcare Centres and run a unique billion dollar social enterprise.