Food is not really about the ingredients; it’s about the joy of sharing a good meal, good conversation and personal history. Three members of The Monday Morning Cooking Club - Merelyn Chalmers, Natanya Eskin and Lisa Goldberg - talk to Caroline Baum about their third stunning cookbook, It’s Always About the Food, the result of a two-year search for delicious recipes and rich stories of the Jewish diaspora. These are the unstoppable Sydney Jewish women who know more than a thing or two about ‘fressing’ and food. 

Merelyn Chalmers (Australian)

Monday mornings are the best time of the week for Merelyn Chalmers, a founding member of Monday Morning Cooking Club. She loves spending time with the MMCC girls and bringing her food PR experience to the team. She loves sharing cooking tips and techniques, teaching unconfident cooks and talking about food till forever. Merelyn has a pedantic respect for well measured ingredients and classic pairings and loves the precision of her digital scales and a freshly sharpened cooks knife. She has inherited her motherÕs passion for searching out elusive ingredients, believing she can cure her familyÕs ills with food, and endless cups of tea.

Caroline Baum (Australian)

Caroline Baum is a writer, journalist and broadcaster. The founding editor of Good Reading magazine and former features editor of Vogue Australia, Caroline was the editorial director of Booktopia and has also been a presenter for the ABC TV and a producer (RN). In 2015 Caroline was awarded the Hazel Rowley Fellowship. Her first book, Only: A singular memoir, is an exploration of the often fraught terrain of being the only child of parents with a troubled European past.