Six guilty Festival guests discuss their favourite so-bad-it’s-good television shows. What does Slate’s film critic Dana Stevens binge watch when she doesn’t have to write about it? Why is poet Hera Lindsay Bird so obsessed with Survivor? Join them, along with other bad TV apologists Matt Ford (Pinky Beecroft), Brodie Lancaster and Liam Pieper, as they pay homage to the best of the worst. Hosted by Benjamin Law.

Hera Lindsay Bird (International)

Hera Lindsay Bird is a poet and bookseller from Wellington. Her self-titled and semi-autobiographical book of poetry Hera Lindsay Bird has earned her a cult status for her Ôsmart, sassy and explicit takes on everything from female sexuality to FriendsÕ (The Guardian). In particular, her poem Keats is Dead so Fuck me From Behind hit a particular nerve with readers, and went viral. Her work has been published by The Toast, The Hairpin and has been included in Best New Zealand Poems.

Dana Stevens (International)

Dana Stevens is Slate's movie critic. Previously, she wrote the Slate television and pop-culture column Surfergirl for two years. She has also written for The New York Times, the Washington Post Book World, Bookforum, and The Atlantic. She has a Ph.D. in comparative literature from UCÐBerkeley and lives in Brooklyn.

Matt Ford (Australian)

Matt Ford - also sometimes known as Pinky Beecroft - is a screenwriter, television producer, musician, songwriter, Ôstand-up personÕ and the lead singer of Machine Gun Fellatio. As a screenwriter, he has written for shows including House Husbands, Love Child, Dance Academy, Stingers and Farscape.