Women who transgress accepted cultural norms often pay a heavy price, as shown by these books by these accomplished authors. Carmel Bird (Family Skeleton), Alexandra Joel (Rosetta) and Sarah Schmidt (See What I Have Done) explore the lives of some of these resilient, controversial and fascinating women, often unearthing shocking family secrets. Join a riveting discussion that will reveal just how far we have to go to create equal standards for men and women. With Helen Pringle.

Please note: Annabel Abbs will no longer be appearing at this event.

Supported by Macquarie University.


Carmel Bird (Australian)

Australian novelist Carmel Bird is the winner of the 2016 Patrick White Literary Award. Family Skeleton is a tragi-comic novel narrated by the skeleton in the cupboard who reveals family secrets. Carmel is also a popular teacher of fiction and memoir writing.