Danger Music is the remarkable memoir of Eddie Ayres, an accomplished musician and former ABC Classic FM host, known for many years as Emma Ayres. In 2014, still living as Emma, Eddie sunk into a deep depression about his gender identity and quit radio. Two years later, he decamped to war-torn Afghanistan to teach cello to orphans and street kids. And there, amid Kabul’s chaos, Eddie found the resolve to take the final steps towards his gender confirmation. Eddie, now host of ABC RN’s The Art Hub, shares his story with Holly Throsby.

Eddie Ayres (Australian)

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Eddie Ayres is a writer, broadcaster and teacher. His latest book, Danger Music, recounts an extraordinary year teaching music to children in Afghanistan. Eddie was born Emma, and transitioned just before his fiftieth birthday. Better late than never.

Holly Throsby (Australian)

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Holly Throsby is a songwriter and novelist. She has released five solo records, a children's album, and an album as part of the band, Seeker Lover Keeper. She's been nominated for four ARIA Awards. Holly's debut novel, Goodwood, was published in 2016. It was #7 on ABC's The Book Club's Top Ten; and #3 on Dymocks' list of the Best Books of 2016. Goodwood was shortlisted for an Indie Book Award for Debut Fiction.