Sofija Stefanovic was born in socialist Belgrade, in the middle of a blackout. With Yugoslavia on the brink of war, her family was torn between the socialist existence they’d always known and the stability of Australia. Miss Ex-Yugoslavia is the funny and dark story of an outsider looking for home – featuring warlords, pet tigers and beauty queens. A storyteller with the Moth, whose writing has appeared in the New York Times, Sofija speaks to Angela Ledgerwood about a distinctive memoir that’s told with great humour and heart.

Sofija Stefanovic (Australian)

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Sofija Stefanovic is a Serbian-Australian writer living in the United States. She hosts the literary salon Women of Letters New York. She’s a regular storyteller with The Moth and has travelled around the United States performing with their MainStage. She’s writing a memoir called Miss Ex-Yugoslavia featuring warlords, beauty queens and everything in between.

Angela Ledgerwood ()

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Angela Ledgerwood is the host and creator of the Lit Up Podcast, a weekly chat show with the world's most provocative writers and thinkers. She currently writes Esquire Magazine's monthly online books coverage and hosts live literary events at Neuehouse in NYC. In 2017 she was a programmer for Fast Company's Innovation Festival in NYC. Her non fiction writing has appeared in Interview Magazine, Marie Claire USA, Cosmopolitan USA, Elle USA, New York Magazine, and Condé Nast Traveler.