A panel of award-winning history buffs discuss the most bizarre and little-known stories they’ve uncovered throughout their work, and debate how these reflect on the real Australia. Anna Clark speaks with humourist

David Hunt, who presents a quirky side of history that’s absent from most chronicles, and Nick Brodie, a professional history nerd who writes erudite but accessible accounts of our nation’s past. This panel will upend the conventional wisdom of history books.

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Nick Brodie (Australian)

Nick Brodie

Nick Brodie is a 36-year-old professional history nerd. His books have been published to critical acclaim, including The Vandemonian War: The Secret History of Britain’s Tasmanian Invasion, 1787: The Lost Chapters of Australia’s Beginnings, and Kin: A Real People’s History of Our Nation. With a doctorate in late medieval vagrancy and experience as a field archaeologist, Nick brings technical skill and fresh perspectives to Australian history-telling.