Writer, actor and playwright Nakkiah Lui — whose latest play Black Is The New White is currently showing at the Sydney Theatre Company — shares her top five events to see at this year's Sydney Writers' Festival. 

American Carnage

I get a shock every day when I wake up and remember we’re all living in a Simpsons episode. It seems like not only do we get told we’re living in uncertain times, we’re living in times of uncertain information. Getting a perspective from an outstanding bunch of outsiders on the inside (of the States) and finding out what part of the episode is not to be missed.

SWF Gala: Advice From Nasty Women

Being able to have one night full of such an amazing line up of women, to hear their individual battle cries, their vices and their victories, is the best kind of nastiness I’d have the pleasure of indulging in.

Elaine Welteroth: On Editing Teen Vogue

The rhetoric and philosophy of how we critically approach politics and engage with our world has changed and is still evolving. Marginalised diasporas, especially younger ones, from around the world have found solidarity and power in each other… and especially through pop culture. Getting to hear Elaine Welteroth share her insight, as someone who is on the forefront of changing pop culture and making it matter.

'To me, laughing is the most rebellious thing anyone can do.'

— Nakkiah Lui

Blerd Culture

I’m not even cool enough to be a blerd, I’m more a bloser (a black loser), so getting to listen to Black people from two different diasporas come together and talk about things that are way too cool for me will hopefully make me cooler — and I’ll get to hear all about the black history and present of nerd culture.

Tragedy Plus Time

I feel like a little bit of a fan girl now that I’ve mentioned three events with Roxane Gay but she’s kind of a genius, so you can’t blame me. To me, laughing is the most rebellious thing anyone can do. Laughter is like magic. Roxane Gay and Paul Beatty have both created some of the most important texts of our time, that they can both do what they do with humour is amazing. I’m certain no one could walk away from this event not being stimulated; academically and in your tickle bone.

— Nakkiah Lui, actor and playwright 


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